Dog Walks

We offer free home consultation to meet you and your dog, where we discuss what your dog needs.

We offer solo walks for the dog that requires individual care. We will tailor walks to best suit your dog, so they get the most enjoyable walks.

We also offer group walks. The dogs are put with suitable companions to ensure they have fulfilled walk. On their first visit. All dogs will be walked individually before joining a group, allowing me to gain their trust and understand them.

Solo walks - £15

Group walks - £10 -£13


Pet Sitting

Leave your furry friend with us never feeling guilty, as they get to stay in the comfort of their own home with us.

Your furry friend Is important to us so we treat them like our own dogs while your away we will send you regular updates and photos.

We know each pet is different, so we tailor our sitting service to the needs of each individual pet.

Pet sitting - £25 -£35


Pop In Visits

If your pet doesn’t need and hours’ worth of attention, we offer pop in visits for up to 30min, we can spend this time feeding, cuddling, walking or letting them outside for the toilet.

Pop in visits - £5 - £10